face fat reduction machine

face fat reduction machine

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face fat reduction machine
2 handles Ultrasound face lifting beauty machine Ultrasound Hifu Facial Vaginal Tightenging Machine Application: 1) Tighten forehead skin, lift eyebrows 2) Dispel wrinkles around eyes and forehead 3) Shrink pores and acne scars 4) Remove double chin, improve chin line 5) Remove neck wrinkles, prevent neck skin aging 6) Improve nose and lips folds, remove nasolabial folds 7) Tighten and lift cheek skin, restore elasticity 8)Tighten and lift skin on body,restore elasticity Ultrasound Hifu Facial Vaginal Tightenging Machine Specifications: Treatment theory: A: Ultrasound is a sonic frequency above 20,000 hertz, which has good direction and strong penetrating power on treatment. It is easy to get a higher concentration of acoustic energy. Propagation distance is distant in the water. Ultrasound can be used for testing distance, Velocimetry, cleaning, welding, Medical gravel, Sterilization and disinfection, etc. Ultrasonic low frequency limit is approximately equal to the upper limit of human hearing.. B. Ultrasonic wrinkle removal Skin care Technology: Ultrasound facial lifting machine Using the latest achievements of the most advanced anti-therapeutic ultrasound study. It utilizes the characteristics of high-intensity focused ultrasound to focus on 3mm depth Shallow fascia layer and 4.5mm depth fascia layer precisely. Ultrasound energy enables focused area SMAS producing protein coagulation reaction. Centering on the solidifying point to generate tension around and radiating rebirth of collagen. This can double strengthen SMAS elasticity. Non-invasive method of treatment can resolve facial sagging and flabby problem. It stimulates subcutaneous collagen layer’s restructuring and regeneration. it can effectively improve the coarse pore, wrinkles, elastic tissue changes of facial aging problems. C. What’s for SMAS Fascia Layer Superficial tendon membrane system is referred to as the SMAS. SMAS refers to a wide range of coverage in the deep tissue below the dermis, connecting fat and facial shallow layer of connective tissue, muscle membrane, extending the facial skeletal muscle. 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 1.5mm(for eye), 8mm, 11mm, 13mm

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APPLICATIONS Cellulite reduction Double chin eliminating face lifting Skin tightening Remodeling exquisite shape Stretch marks improving Body reshaping after post liposuction treatment ADVANTAGES 1. Slimming system is equipped with a big treatment handpiece and 5 small handpiece ( we can choose the handpieces according to different treatment needs, to improve the treatment efficiency and comfort during the process. 2. After the initial treatment, an average reduction of thigh circumferential is 4.18cm, hip circumferential is 5.73cm, abdominal circumference is 5.86cm. After the period of treatment the texture change is both completely and obviously, and improving the cellulite commendably. 3. Convenience, Safe, effective, painless treatment, almost no downtime. 4. Safety :Directly on fat cells, without digestion, and not act on other parts of the body, no side effects on the human body, avoiding the side effects of weight loss drugs and surgical trauma on the body and also other insecurity, better results, patient comfort and satisfaction .
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  • 4 Cryo applicators together Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Cool Body Sculpting Machine for fat removal 4 Cryo applicators together Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Cool Body Sculpting Machine for fat removal Specification Description Cryolipo Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) is a safer alternative to body slimming. Cryolipo Fat Freezing is a CE approved procedure which involves cooling fat in pockets to remove resistant fat from the body by natural methods. Nubway newest Cryolipolysis uses popular slimming technologies that 4 applicators can work simultaneously, can reduce unwanted fat in any area of the body. 4 Cryo applicators together Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Cool Body Sculpting Machine for fat removal Features 1. Faster treatment time. The new coming Cryolipo machine has 4 Cryolipo applicators so you can treat 4 areas at the same time which enables four times faster treatment cycles at lower costs. 2. Safety. Nubway has completed extensive research in cryotechnology and related applications and systems which has helped clients to better understand what optimal cooling levels and controlling methods are so that one can safely achieve body contouring through fat reduction without any damage to other surrounding tissues. 4 Cryo applicators together Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Cool Body Sculpting Machine for fat removal Advantages 1. Newest Cryolipolysis technology, 4 Cryolipo applicators in one machine; 4 applicators work effectively and simultaneously. 2. 8 Peltier cooling plates inside the handle, making sure the lowset treatment temperature can reach -15℃. 3. Super strong cooling system with 10L water tank, 2 copper radiator and 4 DC cooling fans ensures at least 12 hours continous working. 4. Double air pump and Japan imported magnetic valves gurantee a stong and stable vacuum intensity. 5. 4 cryolipolysis handles can be used simultaneously to have extra treatments, saving lots of treatment time. 6. 5 colors to be selected, customized color is available. 4 Cryo applicators together Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Cool Body Sculpting Machine for fat removal

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