fibroblast eye lift

fibroblast eye lift

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fibroblast eye lift
PRP therapy involves harvesting platelets from the patient’s own blood in order to inject them into problem skin areas, giving it the nicknames Vampire Facelift and Dracula Therapy. Before the procedure, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient and put into a centrifuge, where the blood is spun in order to separate the red blood cells from the platelet plasma. The platelet plasma, which is the component of the blood that is known for being highly effective in treating burns and skin injuries, is then activated and injected into the chosen area, where it plumps up the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. When the platelet plasma is injected into the skin, the platelets release their growth factors. The growth factors stimulate other cells surrounding the injection site, plumping them up and causing them to increase in volume. The platelet plasma sends out signals to other cells in the body when it is injected, telling them to rush forward to the injection site. One cell that is stimulated during the process is the fibroblast cell, which is the cell type that creates collagen. Collagen is what gives skin a youthful appearance. As we age, collagen is produced less and less, causing wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, and therapies such as PRP therapy that stimulate collagen production can counteract this. Another cell stimulated during the process is the pre-adipocyte cell, which is a cell type that can convert into a fat cell, which is especially important in the face to fill out lines and to contour the face. Blood contains erythrocytes, lymphocytes, platelets and plasma. Platelets are cells responsible for clotting. They do this by adhering to each other and preventing haemorrhages, when blood clots, tissues around it will retract due to protein fibrin produced by platelet adherence. Micro-injuries produced by a needle will trigger a similar initial reaction, and thanks to the injection of active platelets, the contraction effect is significantly augmented. In isolating activated platelets suspended in liquid plasma (PRP), the doctor is also able to extract mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors in genetically predetermined ratios. Injecting this PRP extract into skin, the platelets form a bioactive platform of fibrin clot, allowing the release of numerous active growth factors that promote tissue repair, new blood vessel formation and collagen synthesis.

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After an initial consultation, the doctor will take a blood sample from the arm. PRP is extracted in a special machine. The facial target area for treatment is then cleansed, and anaesthetic cream is applied to reduce discomfort. The extraction is then injected into skin at multiple locations. The whole process takes about one hour. The best results are obtained by repeating the procedure in one month time and then once a year following that. The ‘Plasma face lift’ can be safely combined with other rejuvenating treatments such as Gold Thread Skin Rejuvenation, volume replacement with Dermal fillers, Sculptra or autologous fat, wrinkle minimizing treatments, mini facelifts and CO2 laser skin treatments. We at the London Medical and Aesthetic clinic in the spirit of offering and performing the latest most advance proven cosmetic and laser treatments. We are excited to continue to strive on the cutting edge of the technology and to see Patients traveling from all over the UK and from around the world to have Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi perform Plasma Face Lift treatment at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic.
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  • More then 10 pieces, we can customize the machine for you.6 1.How dose it works of Fibroblast Plasma Pen Spot Removal Plasma Pen works on the principle of ionized gas in the air. At the right distance from the skin (treated area), oxygen and nitrogen are mixed, and the electrostatic energy produces the plasmatic effusion, which discharges on the skin with thermals. The skin pores open, the superfluous plasma or water evaporates, and with proper fibroblast technique we reach the contraction of the skin, whereby the excess skin dies down superficially and falls in the form of dandruff within the framework of the aftercare. The Plasma energy is directed through a precise tip of the hand piece. It is easy to manoeuvre and target the most hidden areas, achieving the best results. During the treatment it should be held 1–2 mm away from the skin so the plasma can reach its surface. Care must be taken when doing this to ensure good stability and firm support in the treatment area.

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