RF Slimming Machine

RF Slimming Machine

Place of Origin: china Model Number: KF-17 Brand Name: KFL Certification: CE ISO Feature: Breast Enhancers, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Type: Vacuum Cavitation System laser power: 100mw/pcs Operation System: Cavitation Keywords: Cavitation Machine Ultrasonic Laser pads: 8 pcs Application: Multifunction Body Slimming Treatment Machine LIPO laser pads: 8 pads (10 diode/pad) Technology: Vacuum+Cavitation+RF+Nir+Lipolaser System: Rf+ Laser+ Cavitation Machine

The function overview: 1. The latest 40K RF popping head combines the latest RF and 40K grease technology, using focused acoustic wave to emit a frequency of 40,000 Hz, which can cause a strong impact of human fat cells and frictional movement between fat cells. To make fat The cells shrink, and the sonic vibration can cause a strong impact between cells to instantly blast. At the same time, with the high frequency energy of RF to achieve the effect of dissolving fat. 2, 12 Multi-polar RF+6 Multi-polar RF+3 Multi-polar RF , in 1 second can change the electric field polarity in the biological tissue of the treated part millions of times, promote the natural resistance of the subcutaneous tissue to generate heat, and stimulate the dermis to secrete more new collagen. Quality, fill the vacancies of collagen, and then hold up the skin’s scaffold to restore skin elasticity. 3,Vacuum radio frequency slimming heads are used to transfer fat to obese people. When the fat-sucking head absorbs fat, it drains to the lymph nodes. The operation time is 10-20 minutes. (Using negative pressure cross current, it can promote the elimination of fat from toxin waste, stimulate the place to cause muscle contraction, and make muscle strengthening to improve muscle relaxation and obesity.) 4, laser plate, cold laser weight loss instrument using non-invasive laser lipolysis principle, to provide greater confidence and opportunity for the beauty. Laser lipolysis uses the principle of light wave synergy, which can dissolve the target fat into a liquid in a short time, and is easily excreted with low negative pressure. At the same time repair damaged skin and promote collagen regeneration.

Features: 1. Short operation time,no trauma, no bleeding, and quick recovery after surgery. No scars left. It can quickly restore daily life after surgery. 2. Overcome the shortcomings of uneven skin surface after surgery. 3. It is also safe to perform operations on areas where the liposuction is difficult, such as the face, arms, upper abdomen, calf, chin, etc., which is most obvious by the face and chin. 4. By irradiating the dermis layer, collagen regeneration can be promoted, and wrinkle removal effect is excellent. 5. Collagen fibrin tightening in the dermis or fat layer can effectively prevent skin sagging. 6. The patient does not feel fearful about this method.\

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